Monday, September 21, 2009

L´heron Tea Shop and Natural products in Grande DIgue

I have decided to start this blog to bring attention to the hidden gems in New Brunswick.

Grande Digue 

We decided to go on a short road trip towards Shediac and Grande Digue without any solid plans. We figured we would either check out the ´Buffalo Safari´ of which we know about through the huge road sign on the way to Shediac or the tea shop which we know via the Moncton Farmer´s market. Well, we found the tea shop. It was a little store/cafe in a section of a house that had a scenic back drop of a huge garden. The person running the show here is an interesting man who has traveled coast to coast and settled in Grande Digue, New Brunswick over a decade ago. He has come up with some interesting blends of tea which I especially enjoyed. We had some fresh scones which were from a near by bakery and a few cups of Yerba Mate Ginger tea, the tea was delicious. It soothed my throat a lot and I ended up picking a bag for a reasonable price of $6.50. I would also recommend the Rooibos orange tea, which is something I get at the Moncton farmer´s market quite often. He also has a great selection of homemade soap, some of which has odd (at least to me) such as sea weed, but they all smelled quite good. One of them smelled especially delicious because it smelled like chocolate. Personally, I think it is cruel to make soap smell like chocolate, inedible chocolate!

Directions -

Anyways, the drive around Grande DIgue is quite beautiful. I would also recommend the little bakery on the same road as the tea shop.

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